Everything you need to know about Handcrafts


Handicrafts are an excellent way to add glam to life. Indian handicrafts are much popular and are widely used by numerous people across the country. Indians are not the only ones using such embellishing crafts, even the people beyond this country love these exquisite items. As Indian handicrafts reflect the tradition and culture of India, there is a special place for them among buyers who admire Indian art and craft. The skilled artists and professional artists make the craft items by their hand ensuring supreme quality. Several varieties of handicraft…

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5 Kurta Silhouettes you Should Definitely add to your Wardrobe this Season

Kurta Silhouettes

Traditional Indian wear is not talked about much, despite their popularity in the country. However, Kurta popularity is evident if you Google ‘Kurtis Online India’ on Google search box that delivers over 25, 60,000. Literally, celebrities around the world like Lady Gaga, Naomi Campbell, Kareena Kapoor, Amy Jackson and much more, have expressed their love towards Indian traditional wear. So, readers get prepared to look hot as hell in your kurtas. Markets are flooding with all kinds of kurtas, long kurtas, short kurtas, shirt kurtas, etc. and that too in…

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3 Things you Must Buy when you Visit Dubai

shopping Dubai

Dubai is, undoubtedly, a retailers’ paradise. Being a tax-free city, Dubai Government doesn’t impose any text on the companies as well as residents. One can buy the retail products at low prices and the rates are quite lower than anywhere in the world. Whenever you intend to see the popularity of the City’s retail popularity, just visit the Dubai Shopping Festival as the crowd there will leave you wonderstruck. Often they enter empty but leave with not big but gigantic shopping bags. There is a bazillion variety you’ve got to…

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How to Pick the Perfect Hamper for a Gift

Perfect Hamper

Gifts are an essential part of all of our lives as it allows us to celebrate certain special days by gifting one another and showing others that they are special to us. This is a practice that has been passed on since many ages and hence has become a part of day to day life in the current world. Among gifts, there are several ones that are very popular like gift cards and hampers. Today we will discuss how to choose the perfect hamper as a gift for different occasions.…

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Go For the Unmatched and Best Online Solid Wood Furniture Hyderabad

Solid Wood Furniture

Household needs are accompanied with decorative items in which furniture do get a share of their own. With so much of designing and creative minds present furniture nowadays are developed to cater the needs of clients according to their will. Wooden furniture of unique and selected pattern is available on the online store of Artlivo. If thinking to purchase any wooden furniture you can visit the online store of artlivo and can go through the images of different kinds of wooden furniture present. Artlivo offers shopping at a very reasonable…

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