You Can Put Ceramic Tiles on Living Room Walls

Ceramic Tiles
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Modern apartments and society flats people generally have a less-is-more attitude. They used to prefer clean lines with a neutral color palette to have calming interiors. But manufacturers of ceramic wall tiles India have something to share. They would like to add characters to modest space with the help of a feature wall, which is decorated with wall tiles.

Ceramic wall tiles instantly add depth and texture to any wall and thus, you can try them for your living room area. In this article, we will share some cool ideas for your living room area where you can use ceramic tiles in different ways-

Pattern play

Patterned wall tiles are born ruler of the décor world. These vibrant and classic tiles inject a sense of personality to your home living room. If you consider prints and patterns along with other design elements of your home space, you won’t be regretting anything. You can team up the patterned tiles with neutral, toned-down tiles.


Being dramatic at the time and making a statement is an exclusive thing that you rarely find. Monochromatic tiles for your living room can do it right way. You just have to harmonize your wall tiles with the floor tiles and tada! Your living room looks more spacious and bigger.  You can select hues of white for best reflection of light and extended space effect.

Vintage wonders

If you like modern furnishing, you can opt for wood-looking tiles. These tiles are the vintage and suit the people who are not confident to play with colors. Wood helps infuse coziness and natural warmth. Apart from its rustic appearance, wood-looking tiles bring a historic, old-world charm to contemporary space. If you have a taste like an artist, you can try vintage schemes for your living room and enhance the feature wall with your own artworks that match its character.

Texture touch

Digital printed tiles can instantly make a luxurious appeal. If you have a fireplace as a focal feature in the living room, you can treat the backdrop as the focal feature extension. You can use neutral colors for the feature wall to create a cocktail of texture. This will bring a long-lasting impression.

If you need more information on ceramic tiles, you can contact the manufacturers of ceramic wall tiles India. They will share their portfolio according to your requirement and will deliver the best product at feasible rates.

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