How you can be a Good leader

Being a leader is not a easy task at all. Apart from being the best in the various necessary fields, you need to have managerial skills coupled with good...
good leader

Being a leader is not a easy task at all. Apart from being the best in the various necessary fields, you need to have managerial skills coupled with good communication skills as well. It is not easy for a single person to manage a bunch of employees. Apart from looking over their work and assessing its quality, the leader needs to establish relations with them as well so that he can keep the employees happy. No one wants to work for a boss who keeps on screaming at them all the time and doesn’t take their feelings into consideration. After all, we are all human. All of us have a social need that demands us to communicate with those around us.

It is not humanly possible for one single leader to get to know the hundreds of employees working under him on a personal level. But if he doesn’t try to get to know them so as to be able to understand their true needs and wants, then he is failing as a leader. So what do you do? It is an obvious fact that you want to be one of the best leaders out there. The kind that are loved by the employees and are able to ensure productivity as well. To ensure productivity, you need to be able to push your employees to do more than they have ever done before. To exploit their potential to its full extent, to the level you know they are capable of going. If you want them to achieve the level of success you know they are destined for, then you need to find factors that push them to go beyond their limits and step out of their comfort zone.

Motivation goes a long way in getting people to go beyond than they ever have. But the challenge here is that no two people are motivated by the same thing. Whereas someone might be motivated to work extra hours for a little extra money, most of the employees just want to go back home and spend time with their family. You need to find what motivates whom and for this it is necessary to understand the different personalities. There is one or two type of personalities that are dominant in every human being, being able to determine which personality it is will help you understand the factors that motivate them as well as demotivate them. The best way of determining these distinctive personalities is by opting for the everything disc 363 for leadersassessment tool . This tool lets you assess your employees and provides you with a detailed report explaining their personalities and behavioral tendencies. It gives you insights on their strengths and weaknesses along with the way they tend to behave in different situations. As a leader, not only does this test show you who is going to  be an asset in which situation and who is not, it also helps you understand their strong points and weaknesses.

When you are aware about the strengths and weaknesses of those working under you, it gives you a strong point as well as front which enables you to motivate, direct, and assess your employees correctly. You are also able to provide them with the correct feedback. Once you are aware that someone is not fit for a particular situation, you will not put them in that position. Rather you would send some other employee that you know will be able to handle that particular situation in a good manner and will get results. Also, do not underestimate the importance or constructive feedback. Your job as a leader is not to criticize your employees, but to help them work on their weak areas and help make them better.

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