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Counter Strike Global Offensive is a widely famous multiplayer game which is floating around the gaming universe since late 2012. Millions of players have the opportunity to buy level 2 CSGO accounts which can add an extra aid to your ranking up process.

There are multiple online stores which are authorized to sell accounts where players can buy pvt2 CSGO accounts. I have been a CSGO player for a long time and have learned so many things about the game. I have decided to offer some tips which can be beneficial for the players.

Here are some things you should keep in mind which playing CS: GO. These tips are something I wish I knew when I started playing CS: GO. Some are basic things, and some are rather Easter eggs in the game. So, even if you are a Global Elite already, you might find something beneficial below. Let’s get on with it.

Let’s start with simple ‘Crouch’

Did you know that while crouching, your player model is bigger on the left side? A player always crouches to the left side by default. It means, when you are doing peeking from the left side while crouching, it is possible for the enemy to react quickly.

Time consummation while planting a bomb

This is really very basic, yet critical while playing as a terrorist. The bomb plant takes less than ‘four seconds,’ so make sure that you have enough time. I have seen many players losing because they are unaware of the time to plant the bomb.

Try to avoid “W”

When you are coming behind a corner, consider not using ‘W.’ when you are peeking or coming out of the corners, always use “A” or “D.” This is because when you are shooting, you have to stay still for a targeted shot.

Let’s talk about chickens

They can do many bad things to you like giving up your positions. Now, some prefer shooting them, but it’s kind of obvious that the enemy will listen to the gunshot and get cautious. Now if you think you will make your way by slashing them, you are wrong! They will just get scared and run away making the enemy guess that you are somewhere near the chicken. Use ‘right click’ with the knife as it will do nothing to the chicken.

Speeding up

This one is a basic. You can reach your highest speed with a knife or bomb in your hand. All the weapons slow your speed according to their agility to prefer donning a knife if you are thinking about speeding up.

Saving money

If you are playing against five AKs, consider buying only Kevlar, and you can save $350. Do not buy Kevlar + Helmet because you will instantly die from a headshot if hit by an AK.

All these things can help you enhance your CS: GO skills and reach higher ranks. You can also opt to buy level 2 CSGO accounts from an authorized source to take a shortcut towards the highest rank.

I suggest opting to buy pvt2 CSGO accounts to assist you in the cause of becoming a Global Elite.

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