Best Place to Rent Office Space in Hyderabad

India has become a hub for technology, especially information technology. This new development has meant that several Indian cities have become hubs for multinational companies that have come to India to make use of the vast human talent and cheap office spaces. When you think of information technology in India, you immediately think of Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai etc. These are all cities that have developed a lot because of the incoming of a horde of companies. When these companies enter a city, they need to have some good office spaces to rent or buy. Therefore, these cities have made special grants in terms of taxes and other benefits in order to facilitate easy renting of office spaces for multinational companies. Within Hyderabad as well, there are several places where the government has made it easy to rent office spaces at lower rates. Even if you are having your own start-up company, you may want to look to rent in these areas itself.

The government is helping these companies to rent easily and at affordable prices because they provide employment to the local people and people from other parts of India as well.

Here are some good areas to rent office space in Hyderabad –


Gacchibowli is the area in Hyderabad where you will get to see a lot of tall buildings and zones of corporate offices. This is the prime area when it comes to office spaces in Hyderabad. Most of the multinational companies as well as a host of start-up companies are renting the areas around this place. The government has given special advantages to companies setting up offices here. You can get a good deal if you are looking to rent an office in this area. This is one of the best areas for furnished office space Hyderabad has to offer.

Hi-Tec City

This is the second most sought after area to rent an office space in Hyderabad. They have several business parks where there are scores of buildings that are already occupied or ready to be occupied. These buildings are also accompanied by a wide range of eateries and restaurants too. The rents in this area are a little cheaper than Gacchibowli or in most cases almost similar to the rents in Gacchibowli. The road connectivity to this area is one of its biggest advantages. Although there is a lot of traffic coming into this area each day, you would hardly ever see a traffic jam here due to the amazing road connectivity and infrastructure that the government has set up in this area.

Jubilee Hills

If you are a hip and happening new start up, then you must situate yourself in the most happening place in Hyderabad which is Jubilee Hills. Yes, this area is famous for its mansions and celebrity homes but it is also home to several new companies and start-ups. Although this is a very good and connected area, the rents here are a little higher and hence is something to keep in mind.