What are the Benefits of Conducting Aptitude Test among Candidates?

These days, HRs and recruitment managers of small and big companies have been using various types of online and offline tools to test potential candidates applying for specific positions. Since the number of candidates applying for vacant posts is found to be increasing at a faster rate than jobs generated in the country, hiring the best candidates among the lot has become a tough and time consuming task for the managers. It is very much important to hire the best candidate for the job who can excel in the different types of tasks assigned to him/her.

Pre-employment tests

Different types of posts that are to be filled up do come with different types of responsibilities. Hence, it is essential to test the candidates’ skills, aptitude, knowledge, certifications and other vital aspects. Online quantitative aptitude test is regarded to be a popular way to gauge the candidate’s ability to excel well in all circumstances. This is considered to be a common tool which is used by companies as pre-employment technique to hire the right candidates and to leave the weaker ones behind. This is carried out by placing together series of structured tests which helps to evaluate the different areas like problem solving, logic and linguistic capability. The tests can be industry specific or general, which again depends upon the position that is lying vacant. For instance, positions lying vacant in the IT department are likely to have test items which will access the individual’s knowledge pertaining to computer programming.

Does the test provide the desired results?

One unfortunate reason for employees to resign from the job even after being paid well is job mismatch. Once completing successfully the recruitment process, after weeks or months on the job, the employee might realize that he does not fit in perfectly and is feeling uncomfortable with the situations that the position presents before him/her. This will only mean that the employee will not be able to live up to the expectations of the seniors or the clients and this will only hamper productivity and also the impression and goodwill that has been created by the organization with time. if the employee is in a key position or has to face client on a regular basis, then it becomes double important to select the best one who will fit in perfectly the profile and effortlessly carry out all types of work associated with it. If the right person is not selected for the job, then the amount of time, training and resources invested on the candidate will be just sheer waste.

Beneficial for employers and employees

Online aptitude testing has been found to be beneficial for everyone concerned. Interpersonal skills, preferences, working style and personal goals are part of the evaluation process. For deriving accurate test result and profile, the answers entered by the candidate needs to be honest and not much thought should have gone into it. Only then can the candidates shortlisted based on their merit and given the job that they will excel.