An expert’s guide to real estate photography

real estate photography
real estate photography
real estate photography

Real estate photography is not an easy business. People have to actually come up with good skills and showcase their skills to the businessmen who hire professional photographers.

One can also hire real estate photo editing services in order to clear the background and image lightings so that best of the view can be shown to the property buyers.

Real estate photography is done commercially and it is a worldwide accepted profession where skilled people click the images for the purpose of branding and advertising.

People in this profession earn a lot of bucks as per the statistics and particularly more than the other photographers. The cost of a real estate photography project is often broken down into three segments – creative, production, and licensing.

Differentiation among the various cost segments 

Creative costs – This includes the cost of hiring a photographer only. Here you will have to figure out the purpose of your hiring. Whether you will be clicking images for a permanent campaign or for short term advertising. This will probably include the time period or working hours or days, traveling and other expenses, and photo editing services as well.

Production cost – This cost is kept separated in case the client asks for more amount of work. Usually, the real estate owner asks you to click the image of a building and when you reach the destination the property actually consists of more than a single building in which case you might have to make a lot of adjustments and set the props as per the requirements. Therefore, this cost covers that extra work that a client may ask you as a favor.

Licensing – This cost can be higher than even the creative cost because it accounts for the usage authority. Make sure that you charge this fee as it will account your client to use the specified number of images only or else your hard work may go in vain.

What is real estate photography for commercial use?

This is referred to as clicking the images of the properties for the purpose of advertising. In such a case, the photographer clicks the images of the interiors, exteriors, landscape view, walkthrough passage, and aerial photography of the property.

Types of real estate photography

  • Restaurant – Here the photographer indulges into clicking the interiors and exteriors images of the restaurant to entice the people to the place. In such a case, hiring real estate photo editing services can be helpful in amplifying the looks of the images. 
  • Doctor’s clinic – Doctors looking for practice look for places where the equipment can be set up and patients can be conveniently treated. Such cases call for professional photographers to present the essence of the property.
  • Clubs and spas – People looking for large spaces for opening a bar or a club need photographers to see how space would look like when all the setups will be made.

There are many other sectors that require skilled photographers to click the alluring images to contribute in the sale of the property. The picturesque view that we see in the magazines and on the internet, is the work of photographers.

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