Advantages of getting an FSSAI food license

FSSAI food license
FSSAI food license
FSSAI food license

FSSAI license is compulsory for anyone who wants to venture into the food business. It not just includes preparing the food but for everyone who handles food at different stages before it reaches the customer, such as, manufacturing, raw materials, packing, processing, distribution, and the agencies who hold the authority to sell food. Having the Food Safety License will help your business establish the fact that whatever you are selling is compliant with the guidelines of FSSAI. It is easier to create a brand name and spread your business once you have the license. Food businesses can be promoted easily by having FSSAI license that lets you have several advantages as mentioned below.

Consumer awareness

In the present age of advanced technology, consumers are more aware than ever about the quality, hygiene and standards of food.  Before buying any food from outside, the consumers want to know if it is FSSAI compliant to be sure about the different aspects of food quality, such as, whether it is free from adulteration and contamination. Besides, the consumers need valid proof for lodging a complaint if anything goes wrong with the food that is sold. This fear of legal repercussion ensures that there is less chances of delivery of poor quality of food among the sellers who hold the license. Thus, getting registered for the food safety license will allow you to attract more consumers at a fast rate.

Legal benefits

There is a popular notion that getting the food safety license is a time-consuming process with lots of paperwork and too many documents to go through. Many businesspersons are also under the impression that getting the license involves spending a lump sum amount of money. Thus, they feel that getting the food safety license at the onset of a new business will be a loss of both time and money. But, this is farthest from reality because the food safety license can be easily received by paying minimum fees through different FSSAI food license consultants. In fact, you run the risk of being charged with a hefty penalty if you embark on the food business without proper license. The cost of the penalty will be much higher than what you will have to incur for getting the license.

Using the FSSAI logo

FSSAI offers the license to only such businesses that maintain the minimum standards of hygiene. Thus, when you avail the FSSAI license, you can show it on your pamphlets, menu cards, packing backs, cartons, and the likes. It delivers the message that your product is superior to many others. Every license comes with a valid number that lets the customers have further assurance about the standards and quality of food. Customers nowadays want to buy only the food items that have the logo of FSSAI, and thus, putting the logo on your products lets you increase the customer base by a good margin.

Business growth

At the end of the day, every business wants to expand to new markets and gain more customers in the process. However, starting a business at a new place is not that easy because the customers are skeptical about buying new products. However, having a valid license makes it easier than ever to expand your business to new areas. It will also help you avail loans from the banks easily because they will find your business reliable.

In India, only 33 lakh businesses have the valid license, among the five crore existing food businesses. Thus, the license will give you a definite advantage and lets your business expand more and in a short time.

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