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Fashion and style have revolutionized in the past decade. Along with that, there are also some unisexual items that have come in. But dudes these days have crossed limits. They try too hard and sometimes end up looking feminine. Well, today we will check 8 things that look feminine on men if not worn properly.

First, let me clear this: It is absolutely fine to look feminine and wear feminine items. But, it is all about perception and image. What other people perceive your image and what they think about you. It is not a compulsion for you that you should not use these items. But they make you look feminine. These are the things that ‘might’ look feminine if you don’t use them properly.

  1. Earrings

It is a reality that earrings actually make you look feminine. So it is advisable for you to select the decent and appropriate ones for your ears.

  1. Oversized sweaters and shirts

It is a trend these days to wear big and baggy sweaters or shirts. But see to it that you don’t end up messing with the size and portrait yourself as a feminine style lover. Some guys look incredible in these t-shirts but some just really don’t!

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  1. Skinny jeans

Super skinny tight jeans – not advisable to wear. Skinny tight jeans stick to your skin; sometimes they make you uncomfortable and let me tell you, dudes don’t have a shaped lower body as women have.

  1. Multiple Rings in one hand

Well, wearing multiple rings in one hand, in my opinion, may look feminine. Especially the silver colored (genuine silver or the polished one).

  1. Uggs

Yes, uggs are worn by many but in my opinion, if you don’t have that kind of body structure then you certainly should avoid wearing them.

  1. Cuffs of your pants

This has also become a trend to wear ankle length jeans/chinos/trousers. But some stylish men advertise their ankle so much that they look like as if they are wearing a girl’s pant. So the higher the cuffs, the more feminine you look.

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  1. Bracelet overload

Dudes, you need to accept that multiple bracelet trends are for girls. Imagine yourself wearing a bracelet with a wristwatch and then again wearing a belt above it. Wow! You look amazing? No! Bracelets and similar accessories are to be worn with caution and with a perfect match.

And last but certainly not the least is:

  1. Wearing over plucked and too thin eyebrows

Dear men, you have a hulk like a body, so your eyebrows need to support that look. You cannot just over pluck them or make them too much into a shape that they look feminine.

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So, that was the list of things that might look feminine if not worn properly! I hope you liked the article and do leave a comment in the comment section as your valuable feedback.

Until next time, handle STYLE with Caution!


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