5 factors that decide the best postpaid plan

best postpaid plan
best postpaid plan
best postpaid plan

Are you about to buy a new postpaid connection? Read this article first on factors to look for.

Every person wants a good phone connection, but most postpaid plans today are quite disappointing for a variety of reasons. However, there are some really great ones in the market, too.

It’s all about finding the right balance between factors like price, features, ease of purchase, good customer care, and excellent network. If you find a plan and connection that features all these factors, then you’ve got a winner on your hands!

#1 Price points. The first and most important factor that decides the viability of the new postpaid connection for most people, is the connection’s price. The good news is that leading mobile service providers have a bevy of affordably priced plans loaded with a bunch of useful features. The bestselling postpaid plans from leading providers like Airtel are priced attractively at monthly rentals of Rs 499, Rs 749, Rs 999 and Rs 1,599. Each has its own benefits that make these prices even more attractive.

#2 Features. It is not enough merely to have a postpaid connection, it must also have the best features and add-ons that other providers don’t offer. For example, if you take an Airtel postpaid connection, you get a bumper crop of valuable features, like free 3-months Netflix and one-year Amazon Prime subscription, free add-on connections for family members (on certain plans), free access to premium TV shows and movies on Zee5 app, unlimited calls, 4G data with rollover option, 100 free texts every day, etc.

#3 Network quality. The plan you choose must necessarily have a really great network. Even if it is priced more than its closest competitor’s plan, a good network is one of the most important factors in favour of the best postpaid plan. You could have all the great features on the plan, at a really affordable price, but it all comes to nought when the network quality is terrible. Look for providers with the densest penetration of cell towers in your city, and fast data transfer speeds.

#4 Whether a prepaid to postpaid switch, or MNP is easily possible. Leading postpaid mobile providers offer a seamless switch from your current prepaid connection to a postpaid one. The process of porting to another provider from your current one should also be a really easy one. Find out about both when you are looking for a good provider.

#5 Ease of purchase.Now that you have decided which service provider to go with, you should check out the purchase policy. You should be allowed to peruse each postpaid offering on the provider’s website, and pick the most suitable plan on the website itself. From there, your request for a new connection is registered and the company calls you to set up the KYC and application process at your residence. The new SIM card is given to you at this time, all plan features are explained again, and you can start using the SIM once it is activated within 24 hours.

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