4 Clear-Cut Tips to Generate Leads with the Help of Social Media

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Let’s face the fact that whenever we talk about the lead generation, social networking sites don’t come to our mind firstly. With the time, the significance of social media platforms has been increased more than ever because these not only help in maintaining a healthy relationship with the current customers but also play a crucial role in attracting the new ones.

The aspect that will make you drop your jaw is 90% decision makers never respond to the cold calls. On the other side, the probability of generating leads with the help of social media gets increased up to 76%.

Do you want to generate leads with the help of social media? Have a look at the following pointers that will help you regarding the same:

Special offers

Hosting a sweepstake or offering giveaways on social networking sites have always been deemed as the most effective way to generate leads because everyone loves freebies. Moreover, social media users always try to spread the news in their circle-of-friends as soon as possible so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of the offers.

This brings a golden opportunity for the lead generation call centre companies to capture important lead data by simply adding an entry form which must be filled to avail the special offers.

Polls & surveys

Do you want to know the easiest way to know about the customer’s preferences? It is conducting polls & surveys on the social media platforms. This strategy will surely help you to know about the positives & negatives of current products. It would be cherry on the cake if you offer incentives as these will automatically increase the response rate.

After getting the results of surveys & polls, all you need to do is rectify all the issues and come up with new products that can draw the attention of prospects. Once you have done this, you can easily get your hands on a large number of qualified leads.


If you are an owner of a lead generation call centre and want to generate a maximum number of leads, run referral campaigns on the social media platforms. The aspect that will surprise you is that 92% buyers trust recommendations of their friends and family. This fact automatically explains the significance of referral campaigns.

To get better results, it is imperative for you to create compelling offers such as gift card or cash incentives for both the referrer and the referees.

Discount codes

Flash deals and discount codes are the other most effective ways to increase brand awareness and generate demand for products & services. In addition to this, including a strong call-to-action button and time constraint will attract a maximum number of people towards your campaign sooner.

Needless to say, social media platforms have always been the best option when it comes to spreading the awareness about the flash deals & discount codes.

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