3 Things you Must Buy when you Visit Dubai

shopping Dubai
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Dubai is, undoubtedly, a retailers’ paradise. Being a tax-free city, Dubai Government doesn’t impose any text on the companies as well as residents. One can buy the retail products at low prices and the rates are quite lower than anywhere in the world. Whenever you intend to see the popularity of the City’s retail popularity, just visit the Dubai Shopping Festival as the crowd there will leave you wonderstruck. Often they enter empty but leave with not big but gigantic shopping bags.

There is a bazillion variety you’ve got to choose from when you buy anything like home accessories, food, makeup, cosmetics and even electronics in Dubai. So let’s dig in and get to know of few must-buy’s when you visit Dubai;


Spices are truly a significant part of the Emirati cuisine. Perhaps that’s the reason as to they these are easily available in Dubai. Since we all know that spices are some of the most valued things in the world as everyone needs them to have a tasty food. But when in Dubai, you have a chance to buy some rare spices as well that might not be available at your hometown even. So just enhance you cooking and its taste with some unique essence of spices.

If you are thinking of the best spice market to get the fresh quality spices from, just visit the Spice Souk. It’s surely better to buy from the vendors and stall as they will provide you with the best bargains. As mentioned above, you would surely stumble upon some unique spices that you might not have even hear of. Spices like Saffron that’s even more expensive than gold, you can buy the original one there. These rare spices are easily available in that market.


You can get the extraordinarily great quality electronics in Dubai as it’s known to be the duty-free paradise for electronic products. With the evolution and technology and the new entrants in gadgets mania, the availability of all these things is getting even broader in the Dubai Malls. Unquestionably, Dubai is the best places to get all the latest electronics from. Having a strong mall culture, Dubai Malls always comes with the tempting offers to attract the customers and this practice maximizes in the Dubai Shopping Festival.

Since Dubai is all duty free, one can easily get all these products for almost a steal. Moreover, don’t forget the online stores, you can use these in order to get direct delivery at your home. In case you are looking for the latest MAC Notebook or an upgraded version of some gadget at the best price, Dubai shopping Malls are simply the best place to shop from.


Gold is what UAE is popular for as it offers two best things; Superior quality and reasonable price. Gold is surely of a great value in the Middle Eastern Culture, that’s why many people invest in this particular metal. The Gold Souk in Deira is the best gold market in Dubai that’s also known as the largest Gold Market in the Middle East. From Minimal to the Extravagant Jewelry, one can find it all in this market. You can get Gold from other place in Dubai as well but Why Souk is best because you get a chance to bargain with the shopkeepers so that you end up getting it in best prices.

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