3 Dumb Car Leasing Mistakes That Buyers Should Avoid

Leasing a vehicle is usually a better option for many instead of buying the whole new vehicle. It actually allows them to drive new car while spending lesser amount....
Car Leasing Mistakes

Leasing a vehicle is usually a better option for many instead of buying the whole new vehicle. It actually allows them to drive new car while spending lesser amount. It has been noticed that many buyers aren’t very much alert when they sign the contract. In fact, they are so curious about getting into a new swanky drive-metal that they don’t even bother to read the leasing contract. Philip Reed, Senior Consumer Advice Editor at Edmunds, mention that most of the drivers usually make this mistake and don’t read the fine print before signing the contract.

While looking for the cars for sale in Qatar, people make a lot of mistakes especially when they are setting up their car leases. Consequently, it costs them huge amount of money. As per the experts, there are few very common car leasing mistakes that should be avoided. So let’s delve in;

Huge Upfront Amount

Don’t get trapped by the low monthly payments while check out the new cars for sale in Qatar as the deal would make you pay huge upfront. It’s simply nothing other than a technique which requires you to pay a bigger fraction of the car lease in advance. Though prepaying might not be a big deal for many but what if the car is stolen or wrecked in the first few months.

In case if that happened, the insurance company can get you the value of your car by reimbursing the leasing company but the bigger amount that customers pay upfront are less likely to be refunded. Consequently, an individual would not have a conveyance even after paying a huge amount upfront. So just make sure to pay less in advance so that this amount can be used afterwards for bearing interest.

Don’t underestimate the Driven Miles

There are many leasing providers that offer low monthly payments but with the low mileage limits as well. The low monthly payment might turn up fascinating for the buyers but the smart one finds this low mileage thing as a loophole. It’s essential for the buyers to know their driving habits before signing the contract because they might end up locking the “not-so-profitable” deal. It’s common for the leasing companies to have a driving max of 10k-15k miles per year. In case the customer exceeds the limit, it can be charged as per the 10-30 cents per mile in the end.

Not Maintaining the Vehicle

It’s imperative for the driver to take good care of the car because the driver would then have to pay additional fees when it’s time to return. For instance; if the car has a scratch that’s smaller than the business card size, dealers would consider it a normal use. For that, the driver won’t be charged plenty. Therefore, whenever you head to the dealers to check out new car for sale in Doha and intend to lease one, make sure that you ask for the lease-end-condition guidelines.


Do you know what mistakes people usually make while leasing a new car? Just read this article and discover more about this.

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