3 Denim Trends for Junior Fashionistas That Are Ruling This Summer

In my career as a fashion designer, I have always found it difficult to come up with dresses for one particular section of buyers, the juniors. Buyers, mostly young...
Denim Trends

In my career as a fashion designer, I have always found it difficult to come up with dresses for one particular section of buyers, the juniors. Buyers, mostly young girls of this age are more difficult to comprehend. On one hand, they are without any inhibition and discovering new trends. And on the other, they are also falling back on the classy appeal of some timeless styles. So, when I am thinking of designing clothes for them, I have to keep in mind their whims, as well as their love for class.

So, if you are a store owner and thinking about appealing to this particular section of the buyers, then you have to think about the current trends that are ruling the market, as well as the timeless trends that rule their hearts.

Want to stock up the racks of your store with the best styles for them this summer? Then there is one key to it. What comes to your mind first when I talk about style and comfort? I am sure the answer is denim. So, here I am going to tell you about three denim trends that are ruling the ramp, as well as billboards this summer. I am sure your junior fashionistas will love these clothes. Take a look.

Denim with Floral Touch

This is the most recent trend that will blow the mind of young buyers. This is nothing, but a simple trick of fusing timeless denim with trendy and happy floral touch. A pair of well-cut jeans can be perfectly adorned with a bright happy hued flower on the thigh. It will not only add a feminine touch to the jeans, but will also add a quirky appeal to it. Teamed up with basic tees and even button downs, these juniors wholesale jeans can do wonder to their looks. So, make sure you are getting enough of these jeans in your collection.

Evergreen Distressed

The appeal of distressed denim is timeless. They can add glamor to any basic look with a snap of a finger. This trend is ruling the fashion industry since a long time and seems to be a promising one that is here to stay. Mild or heavily distressed jeans are not only known for the chic appeal for style divas, but it is also a perfect choice for those who want to flaunt their “tomboy” side. Teamed up with a black or white basic tee or spaghetti, these jeans can create a storm on the ramp or on the road. So, make sure that when the stunning girls are pouring in your store for the best pair of jeans, they get to find these stunning pair of jeans in your collection.

Denim with Feminine Touch

How about giving denim the twist of feminine charm? Yes, the young girls are swooning over stunning denim dresses and tunic these days. Perfect for a day outing, these dresses are the best choice to flaunt the casual ease. A slim belt or a bow-and-tie style can beautifully accentuate the curves. So, when you are getting some stunning dresses, make sure you are adding this denim dressed in your collection too.

So, now as you know about the trends that will appeal to these young divas, what are you waiting for? Add these dresses in your collection and win their heart.

Author Bio – Rachel Stone is a famous fashion designer and blogger. Read her blog to know more about these juniors wholesale jeans.

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