6 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a New Business

Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a New Business

Starting a new business is tough. You are bound to make mistakes – that is a given. But how do you minimize the mistakes that could kill your business overall? In this post, we are going to look at that issue. And, no, this is not going to be another lecture on how you need to do your research upfront. You probably already know that. According to Statista, around 42% of startups will fail because there is no need for their product in the market. It is a sobering fact,…

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Reasons you need to start visiting an eye doctor regularly

eye doctor

If you are wondering what is the right time to visit an eye doctor? It is now. If you are living in Delhi and are looking for an eye doctor, it is mandatory for you to be aware of the fact that visiting an eye doctor is not a necessity for only those who suffer poor eye vision. It is popularly quoted by Helen Keller that – “Of all the senses, sight must be the most delightful”. Visiting an eye doctor in Delhi can help you with early detection of…

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