A Brief Timeline of Satellite Communications and Its Advantages

Satellite Communications

The reason SATCOM solutions have become so widely popular is because of the fact that wireless communication has taken over the networking era. With the help of good internet access and high definition television, satellite communication has shown that it is highly beneficial. Satellite Communication Timeline Satellite communication began with the launch of Telstar 1 in the year 1962.  It was the first active communication satellite ever created. It was built by the predecessors of Telesat at AT&T and Bell laboratories. It was in operation for a span of 7…

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What You Need to Keep in Mind When Buying a Foam Mattress

Buying a Foam Mattress

As a buyer, you would come across plenty of products in the marketplace when you intend purchasing mattress. At the market, you will find different products from different manufacturers. Some of them are well known, and some of them are not well known. Some of the manufacturers have specialization in particular type of mattresses. So, it is needleless to say that purchasing a bed is a critical decision. You need to be careful when taking up such a decision. The most important thing is to understand the products carefully. Even…

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